Our Approach

From the very outset, we work in close collaboration with you to transfer the full variety of business processes and goals, ways and customs that make up your company and its culture to the new environment. We will take care of every aspect of your operations in the new location.

Research & Analysis

We use our diverse experience to analyze the entire range of factors related to our clients’ Mission, Corporate Culture, Values, Product and Project Management and come up with the optimal ways of adapting these factors into their newly set up Ukrainian R&D facilities.

Team Staffing

We know perfectly well what it takes to build a highly performing distributive development team. The process is multi-stage and it involves sophisticated tests and in-depth interviews. All candidates will ultimately be approved by your technical or business stakeholders.

Facility & IT Infrastructure

When it comes to looking for the right kind of office space, we are well-versed in the needs and requirements of IT companies, as well as the multiple related nuances that should be taken into account. We will make sure that your newly set up R&D facility has a cutting-edge, well-secured, isolated and technically robust IT infrastructure.

Knowledge Transfer & Integration

During this stage, we will align the business processes of your core team with those of your new R&D center and fine-tune the collaboration between them. We will integrate your Iterative Development, Product Development, Lean Thinking and Field experience with the business workflows of your new branch.

Legal & Accounting

We will provide you and the members of your local R&D team with all-round legal and accounting support. We will also propose the business structure that will suit and benefit you best in terms of the legal aspects and taxation. All the routine business processes of your Ukrainian branch, such as tax management, payroll and other accounting, will be handled by us.


We will implement all the required in-house HR processes, such as a motivation scheme and development and performance appraisals, including the “360 degree performance appraisals”, which will incorporate employee evaluation based on feedback from all the parties that are affected by the performance of a specific employee.

How Much it Costs

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