Build Your Captive R&D Center in Ukraine

About us

We are a tech partner that builds dedicated software development teams and captive centers in Ukraine for technology companies worldwide.

Worldwide Brands Come to Us When

Their business is growing fast and they need to be more flexible in terms of scaling their engineering teams.

They are frustrated with outsourcing companies whose teams are poorly trained, unreliable, and constantly turning over.

They experience constant miscommunication with outsourcing vendors due to a lack of understanding, transparency and cultural proximity.

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How We Are Different

Worldwide brands that work with us put together their own teams of 100% dedicated engineers that become a seamless extension of their companies.

With us, you retain full control of your new team at all times and receive all the assistance you need to make this control as efficient as possible.

Our established processes make the work of your dedicated team or captive R&D center systematic, transparent and predictable. No one pays more attention to the safety of your organization than we do.

Why Ukraine


R&D Centers

Apple, Siemens, Ericsson,
Microsoft, Ebay, Skype,
Boeing, Oracle, Magento,
IBM, Aricent, Deutsche Bank


Higher Education Institutions

With 15,000 qualified IT
specialists joining the
workforce every year

200 000


This number is expected
to double by 2025

Best Price /
Quality Ratio

How We Work


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R&D in Ukraine