About Us

Based in Ukraine, Captive Cella Consulting is dedicated to helping technology startups benefit from the huge opportunities afforded by Ukraine’s enormous pool of IT talent. We help such companies establish Ukraine-based R&D facilities of their own, thus giving them an edge over the competitors that favor traditional outsourcing.

Our company was founded by several industry veteran professionals, who have spent many years in the IT industry in various capacities (CEO, CTO, HR, Marketing Executive). They are thoroughly versed in every aspect of an R&D center’s operation and experienced in leveraging the advantages of its Ukrainian location.

Having taken part in scores of outsourced projects, we decided to help our current and prospective clients tap into one of the world’s brightest talent pools directly, in a much more transparent, reliable and affordable manner.

Captive Cella’s all-around assistance, our IT expertise, local expertise and total commitment will negate any risks and disadvantages your offshoring experience could be associated with. Cooperation with us will give you ample opportunity to add more value to your projects and become more cost-effective safely and dependably.